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Planting the seeds of TNR

Empowering everyday people to tackle the community cat challenge

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    How far can fostering go?

    A new vision for sheltering is trending—and being tested—around the country

    Recognizing that most animals do best in a home environment, shelters are testing the limits of high-volume foster care programs and teaching other shelters to ramp up their efforts to get more animals into foster homes. Could the future of sheltering be all around us?

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  • Feature Article

    Nurturing the roots of TNR

    With a small investment, shelters can empower everyday people to tackle the community cat challenge

    If your shelter doesn’t have a trap-neuter-return program, you may think you have little to offer the people who call about unowned cats in their backyards and neighborhoods. But there are many ways shelters can facilitate today’s TNR and plant the seeds of tomorrow’s high-impact programs without spending a dime.

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Animal Sheltering

Magazine - Fall 2019

In this issue: How The HSUS and HSI are helping horses in Puerto Rico; cruelty investigators describe the highs and lows of a life undercover; why the return-to-field approach is sometimes the most logical strategy for shelters; solutions for keeping community cats away from where they’re not wanted; improving communication between private and shelter pets; and more.


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  • Magazine Article

    In full bloom

    Rachel Bloom and her dog Wiley promote adoption with videos and public service announcements for the Shelter Pet Project.

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend actor and co-creator inspires people to #AdoptPureLove with the Shelter Pet Project

    If you watched the Golden Globes back in 2016, you couldn’t miss her: Collecting a Golden Globe for best actress in a television series, musical or comedy, Rachel Bloom was visibly ecstatic, motor-mouthed and breathless, practically leaping from the screen.

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    By the playbook

    Veterinarian compiles best practices for shelters

    When she started writing shelter assessments for the nonprofit Target Zero in 2013, Sara Pizano thought, “Everybody’s different, so I’m going to have to go in and come up with a new plan for every single shelter.”

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    New tricks for old dogs

    Adoption center spreads love for 'grown-ass adults'

    In 2017, Sarah Javier set out to solve a problem that vexes shelters everywhere: How can you help senior dogs get adopted faster?

    Javier, the president and executive director of the Animal Protective Association of Missouri, took the question to her board of directors’ marketing committee. Their response? Don’t call the dogs “senior.” Call them grown-ass adults.

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