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Planting the seeds of TNR

Empowering everyday people to tackle the community cat challenge

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    How far can fostering go?

    A new vision for sheltering is trending—and being tested—around the country

    Recognizing that most animals do best in a home environment, shelters are testing the limits of high-volume foster care programs and teaching other shelters to ramp up their efforts to get more animals into foster homes. Could the future of sheltering be all around us?

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  • Feature Article

    Nurturing the roots of TNR

    With a small investment, shelters can empower everyday people to tackle the community cat challenge

    If your shelter doesn’t have a trap-neuter-return program, you may think you have little to offer the people who call about unowned cats in their backyards and neighborhoods. But there are many ways shelters can facilitate today’s TNR and plant the seeds of tomorrow’s high-impact programs without spending a dime.

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Animal Sheltering

Magazine - Fall 2019

This guide is designed to help communities find long-lasting, non-lethal solutions to conflicts involving community (feral and stray) cats. The guide examines how typical conflicts can be mitigated and addresses proactive approaches as well as the importance of collaborative efforts in local communities. Concisely focused on what local leaders want and need to know, this guide is endorsed by the International City/County Management Association and while well-supported by the latest science is also easy to read and understand.


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  • Magazine Article

    No place like rehome

    Marin Humane’s No Place Like Home program helps pets move directly from one home to another.

    With web-based private rehoming programs, pets can skip the shelter

    We’re not auditioning to play Captain Obvious, but one way to reduce your intake is to help pets skip the shelter altogether. Two California shelters are finding success by promoting web-based, owner-to-owner rehoming.

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    So your co-worker is the worst

    How to work with 'difficult' people in emotionally charged environments

    We’re all adults here, so our days of squabbling and frenemies should be over, right? Yet all too often when emotions are running high, workplaces can devolve into the emotional equivalent of schoolyard brawls. Here’s how to work with your “worst” co-workers so everyone wins.

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    Ziggy bounces back

    Despite two major surgeries, Ziggy projects a positive personality.

    Rescued by a Massachusetts shelter, senior dog gets a chance to shine

    No leg? No problem for Ziggy.

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