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About Animal Sheltering

At the Humane Society of the United States, our goal is to create a world where people and animals thrive, living happy, healthy lives together.

Our focus is driven by the evolving realities for pets in the United States: Shelter intake and euthanasia rates continue to decline, but there are recognized trouble spots.

  • Though awareness of animal homelessness has increased, it’s still the case that only 39 percent of pets came from shelters or rescues. We’re changing that.
  • Cats make up 70 percent of the animals euthanized in shelters, and of the 30-40 million community cats in the U.S., only about 2 percent are sterilized. We’re changing that.
  • Many of the animals surrendered to shelters are given up due to solvable behavior issues or lack of pet-friendly housing. We’re changing that.
  • Millions of Americans live at or below the poverty line, and own some 23 million pets. These are people who care deeply for their animals, but don’t always have the resources or access to services they need. We’re changing that.

We’re changing the world, and you can too. Through our annual Animal Care Expo and our magazine, Animal Sheltering, which provides news from the field, hands-on tips and expert advice, we can help you make the greatest impact for pets and people in your community.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making a difference.