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Abby Volin

Abby Volin is the former Public Policy Manager for The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), where she focused on policies and programs that protect pets and keep them in their homes. In her previous role at HSUS she developed programs specifically designed to meet the unique needs and challenges experienced by rescue groups. Prior to joining The HSUS, Abby worked as a litigator and was involved of all aspects of operating a rescue group in her spare time.

Content by Abby Volin

  • Magazine Article

    Expecting the unexpected

     You won’t always know when fires or floods will strike, but having a plan in place will help you and your animals get ahead of the weather.

    Smart disaster planning for rescue groups

    Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods, earthquakes—those are just some of the disasters that animal welfare groups have had to deal with in the past year. If something happened and you had to leave your home in five minutes, would you be prepared? Who would take care of your animals? Where would you go? You now have four minutes and 55 seconds to decide.

    While sudden disaster will likely send your heart racing, having a plan already in place will enable you to take quick, decisive action.

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  • Magazine Article

    Your board ... and how to nail it

    Build it, and it will help build you

    All too often, rescue groups find themselves scrounging for funds for an animal in need of significant vet care, struggling to find enough volunteers to maintain all their programs, or puzzling through setting the organization’s policy on taking in owner-surrendered pets. They daydream, “If only we had a committee to deal with these broad policy issues and long-term fundraising goals, our staff and volunteers could focus on the day-to-day issues.”

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  • Magazine Article

    The great pet migration

    Penny, the 100th dog to be part of the Humane Society of Flower Mound’s Love on Wheels program, in collaboration with Helping Hounds Dog Rescue of Dewitt, N.Y., is showered with attention from rescue volunteers Alexandra Bullard, Carolin Murphy, and Jim Hobbs, and staff member Theresa Calarese.

    Rescue groups partner up to do transport right

    Stacy Smith knows of the mythical land called “The North,” where kitten season lasts for only four months, puppies are in short supply, and brown dogs—ubiquitous in her native Texas—are adopted faster than you can say “Where can I fill out an application?”

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