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Bryan Kortis

Bryan Kortis, co-founder and National Programs Director of Neighborhood Cats, has been a leading voice for TNR since he started working with community cats in 1999. Author of the Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook and Community TNR: Tactics and Tools, Bryan can often be found pulling RTF cats out of his car and letting them go!

Content by Bryan Kortis

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    You too can launch a return-to-field program!

    New handbook covers how to do RTF from A-to-Z

    It was a sunny, blue sky morning when we set out from the shelter with a ginger cat stowed in the back of our SUV. A large towel covered his trap, pulled back at the ends to make sure he had enough air. Typical for ferals, he was completely silent—someone stepping into the car at that moment might not have even realized he was there. For my wife, Suzi, and me, our job was to get him home now that he was neutered and ear-tipped. I was concerned, though, because the information we were given about where he was trapped was hazy.

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