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Catherine Hess

Catherine Hess is a former Web Editor at The Humane Society of the United States.

Content by Catherine Hess

  • Magazine Article

    The cat's meow

    Catios help kitties thrive in multiple-feline households

    Have room for one more? It’s a question cat rescuers and foster caregivers hear regularly. But territorial tensions in multiple-cat households can make a new rescue kitty or temporary foster a more onerous undertaking than she needs to be.

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  • Magazine Article

    From chained to cherished

    Kate Callahan (right) and other Jasmine’s House volunteers pose with Rudy.

    Maryland group provides rehab and loving homes for dogfighting victims

    When Sweet Jasmine was rescued in the 2007 raid of football player Michael Vick’s dogfighting operation, she was so terrified that she spent the first days after her rescue hiding in a little tent inside her kennel at the Washington Animal Rescue League. After Catalina Stirling adopted her, for a while the dog had to be carried outside for bathroom breaks, so frightened was she of the world that—until then—hadn’t treated her well.

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