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Deva Holub

Deva Holub is the Northeast Coordinator for Animal Place's Food for Thought program, working with animal organizations to create mission-driven, animal-friendly menu policies for their sponsored events. She has assisted in the development and planning of various fundraising events and is the co-manager of Food and Networking for the National Animal Rights Conference . Deva currently resides in Shepherdstown, WV with her husband and two cats, where she is also a part-time humane educator speaking to middle and high school students about ethical food choices.

Content by Deva Holub

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    Animal-friendly menu policies: It’s a thing!

    Making your events more inclusive for all animals

    How many of us have stopped traffic to help a turtle safely cross the road, or spent hours tracking a stray cat or dog to make sure they were brought to a safe place? If you’ve ever carried an abandoned duckling to the nearest pond in the hopes of reuniting them with their mom, or made a quick U-turn after spotting a young rooster wandering the shoulder of the highway, you just might be an animal advocate.

    If you’re here, you probably knew that already!

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