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James Hettinger

James Hettinger is the assistant editorial director for Animal Sheltering magazine at The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). He's responsible for editing copy and managing the production of the award-winning quarterly publication aimed at shelter and rescue personnel. Prior to joining The HSUS in 2008, James worked for several local newspapers and trade associations in the Washington, D.C., area. He shares his home with three cats: Edgar, Dana and Vinny. 

Content by James Hettinger

  • Magazine Article

    By the playbook

    Veterinarian compiles best practices for shelters

    When she started writing shelter assessments for the nonprofit Target Zero in 2013, Sara Pizano thought, “Everybody’s different, so I’m going to have to go in and come up with a new plan for every single shelter.”

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  • Magazine Article

    Moving in the right direction

    Kate Schrader with the Humane Society of the United States assists with the transport of around 120 dogs and cats who flew from shelters in Texas and Oklahoma to Virginia.

    Best practices guidelines offer efficient, effective methods for transport program success

    Anyone who’s ever tried to drive an uncooperative dog or cat to the vet knows how challenging companion animal transport can be. Naturally, the challenges (and dangers) increase when you’re transporting multiple animals over long distances.

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  • Magazine Article

    Her cup of tea

    Artist promotes adoptions with portraits on tea bags

    How does she do it? And are those really tea bags?

    Those are among the typical first reactions to Didi Arias’ miniature paintings of shelter animals.

    The answers? Yes, they are actual tea bags, dried and emptied. And to work on such a tiny canvas, Arias makes sure she has good light, uses small paintbrushes and, of course, wears her glasses, filling in the details with ink pens.

    But Arias hopes her paintings inspire more than mere curiosity: She’d like her viewers to take to heart her message about the importance of shelter adoption.

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