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Julie Falconer

As senior editor of the award-winning Animal Sheltering magazine, Julie Falconer writes and edits articles for the sheltering, rescue and animal control fields. Before joining the staff of the Humane Society of the United States, Julie was a longtime volunteer with rescue and animal advocacy organizations in Central Virginia. She spends much of her free time assisting with trap-neuter-return programs for community cats.

Content by Julie Falconer

  • Magazine Article

    Mother knows best

    Shelters spread a lifesaving message about underage kittens

    Susan Spaulding was living in Texas and volunteering at the Hill Country Animal League’s thrift store when someone brought in a box of 13 unweaned kittens. After learning that the kittens would be immediately euthanized at the shelter, Spaulding made a life changing decision: She took the kittens home and taught herself how to care for “bottle-babies.”

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  • Magazine Article

    A rose for Colton

    The ladies of Front Street Animal Shelter vie for handsome Colton’s affections.

    Sacramento shelter combines 'The Bachelor' parody with adoption promotion

    The catfight starts in the dog yard at Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California. Four women in high heels and bodycon dresses vie for the affections of Colton, a handsome hunk of a dog. As the competition escalates, there are tearful recriminations, backstabbing asides to the camera and an ugly confrontation over a leash.

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  • Magazine Article

    The light at the end of the rabbit hole

    To survive the topsy-turvy world of animal rescue, you need a mission, a guide and a plan

    Alice’s tribulations in Wonderland have nothing on the stresses faced by rescue groups. But with a well-defined mission and a reasonable scope of work, you and your team will go from mad as hatters to smiling like Cheshire cats.

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