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Karen E. Lange

Karen E. Lange is a senior writer at the Humane Society of the United States.

Content by Karen E. Lange

  • Magazine Article

    Dying without a sound

    HSUS investigation reveals dead rabbits in the freezer at Petland

    A day after the HSUS released the results of its undercover investigation and two days after police searched the premises, Petland announced that it was cutting ties with the franchise store in Fairfax, Virginia, and removed its company name from the building. Acting on a tip from the HSUS, Fairfax police searched the store with a warrant on April 1 and found 31 dead rabbits and one dead dog in the freezer. They are investigating.

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  • Magazine Article

    Up for the count

    There are 61 square miles of land to the District of Columbia—and an unknown number of outdoor cats.

    Collaborative project aims to revolutionize the way communities count and care for cats

    As the first morning visitors to the National Zoo stroll through the entrance, two field technicians with backpacks head in the opposite direction, over Rock Creek, across a parkway carrying commuters into downtown Washington, D.C., and up a steep, muddy hillside.

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  • Magazine Article

    The long road to fertility control

    Researchers seek a permanent, nonsurgical method

    Scientists from around the world research ways to prevent dogs and cats from getting pregnant without surgery.

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