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Lester Thompson

Lester Thompson is a certified public accountant who, for nearly 25 years, has provided tax and accounting advice to charities. He serves as a volunteer on The HSUS National Disaster Animal Response Team and is a volunteer instructor with Humane Society University. He is on the board of the World Animal Awareness Society, where he has produced a series of videos on tax topics for nonprofit organizations, which can be seen at

Content by Lester Thompson

  • Magazine Article

    Taxing matters

    An accountant explains deductions for animal rescue activities

    If you volunteer for an animal rescue group, you’re probably too focused on finding foster homes, arranging transports or coordinating adoption fairs to worry about personal tax write-offs. Rescuers tend to be “all-in”—investing significant amounts of their time and money into the effort while overlooking or remaining unaware of existing opportunities for tax breaks.

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  • Magazine Article

    Deep in the heart of taxes

    Be prepared to justify your tax-exempt status, and you can meet requests with a smile

    The benefits of tax-exempt status are many, but the process of acquiring it can seem daunting—especially for small rescue or fostering groups. Learn what you need to do to approach the IRS and get that coveted 501(c)(3) status.

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