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Nancy Peterson

Nancy Peterson is the former Community Cats Program Manager for the Humane Society of the United States.

Content by Nancy Peterson

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    Kitty in their hands

    Bringing out the best behaviors in kittens

    Theresa Foley’s introduction to fostering started 15 years ago when she trapped feral cats and kittens on her street in old town Key West, Fla. Foley fostered several six-toed kittens—perhaps relatives of the felines who still roam Ernest Hemingway’s property on the island—during the three years it took to trap one elusive mom cat. “I began fostering mostly out of necessity, because there were not that many people willing to do it or set up to do it,” she says.

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    Worth every scent

    In Kentucky, working cats Vincent and Van Gogh adjust to their new surroundings, during their holding period, in a dog crate that contains a feral den in which to hide.

    Working cats send rats packing

    Back in the late 1990s, Carl Jones, maintenance manager at the Los Angeles Flower Mart, frequently heard screams from vendors and customers. It usually meant they’d spotted rats, searching the aisles for tasty carnation seeds. Staff had tried for decades to get rid of the rats, but in 1999, after just two months, four cats succeeded where they had failed.

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    Yes, in our backyard

    Nikki Holladay, a staff member with Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, prepares food and water for the colony of feral cats who live on the shelter's grounds.

    Turning the NIMBY attitude on its head, some shelters care for feral cat colonies onsite

    A decade ago, Lisa Tudor, executive director of IndyFeral, never imagined that she’d one day be working with Indianapolis Animal Care & Control to help save the feral cats who live around the municipal shelter.

    Her nonprofit group “had been doing TNR in the city, and we knew that there had been cats on the [shelter’s] property forever,” says Tudor. “We had tried before [to get permission to TNR the cats], but it never went anywhere.”

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