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Olivia Bobrowsky

Olivia Bobrowsky is a writer and editor living in Washington, D.C. She has written for The Seattle Times, The Baltimore Sun and a variety of nonprofit organizations.

Content by Olivia Bobrowsky

  • Magazine Article

    New tricks for old dogs

    Adoption center spreads love for 'grown-ass adults'

    In 2017, Sarah Javier set out to solve a problem that vexes shelters everywhere: How can you help senior dogs get adopted faster?

    Javier, the president and executive director of the Animal Protective Association of Missouri, took the question to her board of directors’ marketing committee. Their response? Don’t call the dogs “senior.” Call them grown-ass adults.

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  • Magazine Article

    Handle with care

    Compassion fatigue expert offers advice for animal welfare workers

    When Jennifer Blough first felt compassion fatigue, she had never heard the term. She was a lifelong animal advocate—she became a vegetarian at a young age, followed her grandmother to animal rights protests and got a job as an animal control officer—but she had never heard anyone mention the issue. So when she burned out from her job in 2012, she had no idea what was wrong with her.

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    Clinics in overdrive

    Pet owners check in and pay at a series of booths before rolling on to vaccination tents.

    Louisiana shelter puts vaccinations in top gear with drive-through clinics

    Here's the scene at a typical community rabies clinic: Pet owners lined up on a sidewalk, dogs barking and pulling on their leashes, cats petrified in their carriers. The animals get their vaccines—and the community gets a valuable public service that helps keep a virus at bay. But for many, the whole thing can feel chaotic, slow-moving and stressful.

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