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Animal Care Expo Research Posters

New this year! Our poster session is a visual showcase of impactful new initiatives and recent research relevant to the field of animal sheltering. The posters will provide you with an easy way to dive into the data and study results with the people behind the projects.

Posters and Presenters

Cat management preferences of feral cat & wild bird advocates in the USA: where stakeholders agree and disagree by Sabrina Aeluro, University of Washington

Feline Infectious Keratitis Leading to Eye Rupture – Molecular Determination of Possible Pathogens by Dr. Diana Delgadillo, Frankie's Friends Veterinary Clinic

College students and shelter dogs: The impact of a collaborative physical activity program on human and canine participants by Melanie Sartore-Baldwin, East Carolina University

Ending the surplus of cats: The Fix by Five campaign by Esther Mechler, Marian's Dream

SPORE: Conquering Ringworm Infections One Shelter at a Time by Dr. Laura Mullen, San Francisco SPCA

Atypical Pyogenic Infections in Cats from an Institutionalized Hoarding Facility by Dr. Becky Morrow, Frankie's Friends Cat Rescue

Something In the Air: University and Field Research Studying the Prevention of Airborne Infectious Diseases Using UVGI by Annette Uda, PetAirapy, and Dr. Robyn Jaynes, DVM

Innovative Programs Significantly Reduce Feline Intake and Euthanasia at Six Municipal Animal Shelters by Peter Wolf, Best Friends Animal Society

DC Cat Count, by John Boone