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Ensure access to veterinary care

Every pet deserves access to veterinary care, regardless of circumstance

With millions of pets living in poverty and millions more living with owners struggling to make ends meet, it is alarming that in some places efforts are underway to shut down non-profit organizations and deny wellness care for millions of pets. The HSUS believes that every pet deserves veterinary care, regardless of a caretakers financial means, and we believe that non-profit organizations play a vital role in ensuring those services are available.

Furthermore, we encourage every veterinary professional, whether operating a for-profit private practice, non-profit clinic or other, to read our Guiding Principles to Ensure Access to Veterinary Care.

Discover ways to connect those in your community to critical veterinary access and pet wellness resources to help keep pets with their families.

Download this Mouthpiece to alert pet owners that your organization may be able to help if they are unable to afford veterinary care.