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Operational standards for rescue groups

Having strong day-to-day operations will help ensure that the animals in your group’s care receive all Five Freedoms.

Recordkeeping is crucial when applying for grants as well knowing what you have done in the past in order to make adjustments and plan for the future.

Transparency is essential for building trust, both with the public and other shelter and rescue partners to show you manage a professional and well-run organization.

Capacity: Determining and Exceeding begins with calculating for the environment,using the Five Freedoms as a guide, and then watching for the signs that a rescuer is not taking in more animals than it has capacity for.

Animal Intake can come from many sources and it's important to have a plan for every animal that comes through your organization as well as working with pet owners to help prevent relinquishment.

Shelter-Type Facilities are for rescue groups who would like to use a facility to hold animals, and include partnering with pet stores and opening your own adoption center.

Progressive Adoptions is about innovative ways to get your animals into new homes including building a barrier-free adoption program based on research and data, and setting adopters up for success.

Foster Homes are essential for many rescue groups and your program should include a foster manual with clear information and expectations.

Disaster Preparedness is important so your group is prepared for the unexpected.