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We couldn't ask for more than the unconditional love and loyalty we get from dogs. Use our resources to help you do your very best for man's best friend while they are in your care.

Photo by Kathi Milani/The HSUS

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    Life beyond the laboratory

    With lots of love from parents Dave Rubello and Greta Guest, Teddy is finally living the life he deserves.

    Michigan dogs blossom following release from testing facility

    To see Teddy and Millie now—playful and friendly, outgoing and affectionate— you’d never guess what they’ve endured in their short lives. As part of an unnecessary test commissioned by Dow AgroSciences (now Corteva Agriscience), the beagles were force-fed a pesticide every day for more than seven months at a laboratory in Michigan.

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  • Magazine Article

    New tricks for old dogs

    Adoption center spreads love for 'grown-ass adults'

    In 2017, Sarah Javier set out to solve a problem that vexes shelters everywhere: How can you help senior dogs get adopted faster?

    Javier, the president and executive director of the Animal Protective Association of Missouri, took the question to her board of directors’ marketing committee. Their response? Don’t call the dogs “senior.” Call them grown-ass adults.

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  • Magazine Article

    Ziggy bounces back

    Despite two major surgeries, Ziggy projects a positive personality.

    Rescued by a Massachusetts shelter, senior dog gets a chance to shine

    No leg? No problem for Ziggy.

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