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    A delicate balance

    On an island with limited resources but deep pride in its horses, The HSUS partners with locals to forge a path forward

    A tiny island in Puerto Rico, Vieques is a study in contrasts: It's blessed with beautiful beaches but plagued by a poor economy. Horses roam free, serving as a popular tourist attraction, but also causing damage in towns and creating dangerous driving conditions; serious accidents involving vehicles and horses are common. To help provide a safer and healthier future for all the animals on Vieques, The HSUS and its global arm, Humane Society International, are working with locals on projects ranging from spay/neuter clinics for companion animals to a contraceptive program for horses.

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    The healing powers of horses

    A United Neigh student hugs Albert, her assigned rescue horse at Brook Hill Farm. The program pairs at-risk teens with surrendered or seized horses to teach responsibility and life skills, with a focus on education.

    United Neigh program pairs equines with at-risk youth

    In rural Virginia, against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a horse named Sid was starving. Nearby, a teenage girl was struggling with anorexia. They both needed to be rescued.

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    Learning to hold (and catch and lead) your horses

    Trainer Sara Strauss works with mare Indiana at Days End Farm Horse Rescue, using a tarp on the lunge line to help the horse get used to unexpected movement around her.

    Video-based lesson program helps rescues train their horses and increase adoptions

    Horse rescues get some training help from The HSUS.

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