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Shelter medicine and wellness

Very often what we see as neglect from pet owners is actually the result of their inability to access veterinary services and other pet wellness resources. For example, there may be a free, local spay/neuter clinic but it’s on the other side of town and transportation is a problem. Or the $400 dental cleaning simply isn’t affordable. Identify what obstacles are preventing people in your community from providing wellness care for their pets and present ways to overcome them in order to make sure people can keep their pets happy, healthy and in their homes.

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    Sanitation sanity

    Answering your cleaning and disinfection questions

    Recently, while teaching an online class covering infectious disease management in the shelter, I made a mistake: I assumed that the audience of shelter and veterinary professionals would want to know about things beyond cleaning and disinfecting! I quickly found out that, while the subject may seem basic, questions abound about new products, how to eliminate certain diseases, and how to clean effectively in shelter environments. I could not keep up with all the questions that came in!

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  • Magazine Article

    Meow ... cat chow!

    Feeding kitties in the shelter

    While shelters can’t always feed their cats the equivalent of a five-star meal, providing proper nutrition is a key element of kitty care.

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    Value added: Quantifying the results of sheltering and animal welfare programs

    How do we explain the importance of our programs to public officials who must account for spending decisions, or to financial institutions and granting foundations that select where to give? How do we demonstrate to people outside the sheltering sphere that programs designed to help animals will produce a tangible benefit for their community?

    How do you show donors that your work is, well, working?

    I love animals. Don’t we all? That’s why I’m in the field of animal sheltering. That’s why you’re reading this magazine. It’s our passion for animals that brings us together.

    Most of us appreciate the vital role animal welfare organizations play in our communities. They help animals. They help people develop relationships with animals. They support communities. They make the world a better place.

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