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Our work

We're dedicated to providing support to your organization as we take on issues together

At The Humane Society of the United States, our goal is to create a world where people and animals thrive, living happy, healthy lives together.

Animal Care Expo and trainings

We help shelter and rescue professionals cultivate the skills they need to help animals and the people who care for them. With training materials, one-day events and even our multi-day Expo, we share skills, knowledge and connections to foster professional development.

  • Animal Care Expo

    Animal Care Expo is The HSUS's annual conference for animal welfare professionals and volunteers, uniting animal care and sheltering experts and newcomers from around the globe.

  • Humane State Trainings

    Check out featured events, search upcoming trainings or simply scan the archives for webinars to sharpen and grow your skills.

HSUS state resources

Working on the ground at the state level we provide hands-on training for shelter and rescue professionals and other animal welfare organizations. Our Shelter and Rescue Partners work locally to help rescue abused animals. Our state directors serve as local and regional conduits for animal protection efforts, legislation and on-the-ground networking to effect change.

  • State directors

    Our state directors are your best points of contact for local and regional issues.

  • Shelter and Rescue Partners

    Shelter and Rescue Partners are perhaps the most crucial element in The HSUS's national mission to rescue abused animals

Working in communities

We're on the front lines in communities across the nation to connect directly to pet owners and animal welfare professionals alike. We're working to provide information, training and resources to both reduce relinquishment rates as well as effectively manage commuity cat populations and their impacts.

  • Pets for Life

    Our Pets for Life (PFL) program works in underserved communities to provide resources to pet owners and ultimately reduce pet relinquishment in these communities.

Advocating humane legislation

We work across issues to advocate for legislation that reduces animal cruelty. We identify specific practices such as dog racing and work to end them. We also work to increase pet retention and adoption by working against breed-specific legislation that targets specific breeds marred by misinformation, as well as work to ensure that pet-friendly designations are truly welcoming for all pets.

  • Breed-specific legislation

    Breed-based laws are unjust and ineffective. Find out how you can fight them in your community.

  • Pet friendly housing

    Arbitrary breed and size restrictions in rental housing tear families apart and cause pets to become homeless. Let's put an end to un-"pet-friendly" policies by helping properties welcoming cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Ending animal cruelty

We're working to eliminate direct acts of animal cruelty where individual animals are forced to suffer. We work with law enforcement to rescue abused animals, fight against gas chambers in our nation's shelters and work to eliminate puppy mills, wihich are driven by profit and cause animal suffering.

  • Puppy mills

    Puppy mills contribute to pet overpopulation and cause countless dogs lifetimes of suffering in squalid wire cages. Help us stop this cycle of cruelty.

  • Animal rescue

    The HSUS's Animal Rescue Team works with law enforcement to investigate illegal animal cruelty, targeting the worst cases of animal abuse nationwide.

Increasing adoptions

We provide a vast array of information, toolkits and trainings to broaden and educate on the availabilty of shelter options, expand the universe of potential adopting families and provide shelter and rescue professionals with what they need to effectively manage operations to help more pets and find more forever homes.